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The Acrop (Acropolis Steakhouse)

Written by Mandy Zelinka. Posted in Bar, Grub

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The Gateway to Milwaukie.

I am not sitting here telling you to frequent a strip club, but since it is the most recognizable business when telling people where Milwaukie starts and Portland’s border ends, it’s worth a mention. My own history with this premier strip joint began when I had a client who was waitressing there, making incredibly good tips whilst keeping her body covered. Because of that relationship I was able to get my then husband a highly coveted position there as a part-time cook, he having previously been a lifer at Mike’s Drive-In. The Acropolis only hires from personal relationships, not from your typical resume, so this was a big score.  The apparent ‘key’ to their famous steak is not as legend would have it – the owner does not in fact have his own cattle ranch. As I was told at the time, it was instead the secret marinade used. (Assume as you will, but I have no idea what was in that ‘special’ sauce.)

I still stop by for take-out as you can call in your order and grab it without setting foot inside. There is still the jokingly drunken mention of going inside every now and then, but now that I don’t have my coveted ‘free entrance’ status it just doesn’t seem as enticing. Plus, I have seen the place with all the lights on.

The Acropolis Steakhouse
8325 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
(503) 231-9611

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