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Local brew comes to downtown Milwaukie

Written by John Chilson. Posted in Beer

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When was the last time a Milwaukie brewer had a locally brewed beer on tap in downtown
Milwaukie for the legal-age public to enjoy? Maybe at one point during its history, but definitely
not in the recent past.

That’s about to change. Downtown Milwaukie just got a bit more beery.

Short Snout Brewing, a Milwaukie-based nano brewer, has produced a beer through a unique
partnership with The Warrior Room, a kettlebell studio across from the Willamette on

Working with Short Snout founder Brian VanOrnum, Warrior Room owners Ashley and Luke
Jensen brainstormed on the name, style and flavor. The final product, Kettlebell Blonde, is a
Blonde style ale with a hop twist and session-like 5% ABV. It has a hint of citrus, grapefruit, and
pine from the Zythos hop blend, which makes it light and drinkable after a workout.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The beer the trio concocted will be on tap at the Warrior Room.
If you work out at the studio, you can quaff some of Milwaukie’s very own locally made beer.

A workout studio and beer seems like an unusual (let’s face it, it’s awesome) combination but
members that work out get a nice reward.

“We are a bunch of people that like to exercise and drink beer,” says Warrior Room’s Jody

“Unlimited members” are invited to enjoy the keg, although “we’d never turn anyone away,
though we encourage members of the gym,” Schreffler says.

What’s even better about this partnership is that the beer will now also be available at Duffy’s up
the street. If you’re not the work-out type and you just like to drink good beer, park yourself on a
stool at Duffy’s and enjoy.

“It’s going to be a flagship beer there,” says Schreffler.

For every keg of Kettlebell Blonde consumed, The Warrior Room and Short Snout Brewery
will partner to give away a one month unlimited package to The Warrior Room to a random
Milwaukie resident.

The Warrior Room is located at 1928 SE Washington St. Duffy’s stumbling distance at 11050 SE
21st St.

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