5 Reasons You should live in Milwaukie

Written by Andi Blackwell. Posted in Featured, Real Estate

Milwaukie (that’s with an “i”) is not always people’s first thought when they are thinking about real estate. However it’s one of the first cities I recommend. Why?

You get the benefits of living in Clackamas County: Lower taxes means more of your dollars can go towards the principal and interest portion of your payment, giving you more buying power. More buying power means maybe getting a more expensive house, but paying the same every month.

Proximity to Portland: When you’re commuting, it matters. Downtown Portland is just a quick jump up the 99, well under 20 minutes in many cases. Once the MAX line is in (love it or hate it) you will be able to commute downtown for a monthly Trimet pass, way less than the cost of gas, insurance, car payment…

Great food: It’s not just that we have Portland’s hottest chef, Pascal Sauton, we have the great food to go with it. Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine is just one of many amazing restaurants that are in the downtown corridor.

Amazing farmer’s market: The Milwaukie Farmer’s Market is the highlight of my Sundays. You can shop for local cheese, produce, grass-fed meats, pick up some Olympic Provisions sausage, grab some breakfast from Canby Asparagus Farm, all in the heart of town.

Diverse Housing Options: You can live in a downtown Milwaukie condo and walk to the river each day, a brand new house along the Trolley Line or a historical home. Any style of home and style of living, you can find here.

There’s also great schools (more to come on that later), so with all these great attributes, why would you want to pay more to live anywhere else?

  • sz

    I have been a Milwaukie resident for 13 years and I think it’s one of the hidden gems of Portland. Family, tradition, small town feel, neighbors, our own little town. Love Milwaukie!

  • Rod

    Cindy and I moved here 9 years ago this next month. A great decision. Milwaukie just keeps getting better and better. Nice article Andi.

  • Surette

    Milwaukie has been calling me back for years and I think its time, see all the mustangs in 2014