Nutria Pond behind the Milwaukie Public Library

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Photo courtesy of Yelp

Behind Ledding Library is Scott Park, named for pioneer Milwaukie farmers Richard & Hannah Scott. It is home to one of many of Milwaukie’s summer concert series (Wednesdays at noon) as well as our infamous nutria (read: River Rats.)

If you can get past their creepy looks (is it a beaver, is it a rat? Wow those tails are long….) you really can feed them. Apparently they may eat most anything (read some of the yelp reviews) and in some parts of the country, they are to be eaten (nutria stew anyone?)

More like a small nature reserve, at the pond you will also find ducks, geese, and beautiful foliage.

Milwaukie Nutria Pond
10660 SE 21st Ave
Milwaukie, OR 97222

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