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RT @elliottdale: @MixNMatchCream I can't wait to try liquid nitrogen ice cream at your new location in Oak Grove/Milwaukie!April 15 2014YA! Our city staff RULES! RT@thestauffers: Another Tuesday... Another Bow Tie 🏦#CouncilTuesdayay @Milwaukie City Hal 15 2014The sun has been shining lately. Time to sprinkle my awesome everywhere.April 15 2014What does this mean for Milwaukie? 15 2014BOOOOZ now at #ProntoPizza! Plus, if you didn't know this already, they have 12-in. pies (one topping) for only $10 from 3-6pm every day.April 15 2014@MilwaukieMayor heading to China for Eco-Partnership @KATUNews @KGWNews @aboutfacemag @mthoodterritoryApril 14 2014@MilwaukieMayor heading to China for Eco-Partnership @MlwkieReporter @ClackCoReporter @clackamasreview @OregonianApril 14 2014That's right-the biggest volunteer effort we have in our city is actually our city council and the Mayor of Milwaukie.Our community RULES!April 14 2014Did you know? Milwaukie Rules! is 100% is First Friday Milwaukie, AND our city government!April 14 2014Owe library fines? You can donate canned food for the Oregon Food Bank in lieu of your fines -- check it out! 14 2014#Milwaukie is going 2China 2partner+share resources to help each community in their Eco Friendly planning and growth! 13 2014RT@MixNMatchCream:Espresso Beverages. Pastries.Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. 4/16/2014 2144 SE Oak Grove Blvd #Milwaukie 13 2014RT @littlebrightpdx: Oh heavens no! Instagram is down! HOW WILL I KNOW IN WHICH GENTRIFIED NEIGHBORHOOD RESTAURANT I WILL BRUNCH TODAY?!?!April 12 2014RT @southnewshound: Commissioners may close operating med-pot stores; Boring, Dull partner with Bland: Clackamas County Roundup (links) h…April 12 2014RT @StephBWright: Sorry, but your password must contain an uppercase letter, a number, a punctuation mark, a gang sign, an extinct mammal a…April 12 2014
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Taproom coming to Ochoco in May

Though not quite in Milwaukie, Neighbor Dudes, the new taphouse opening in early May down the street from the Goodwill Bins, still should warrant joy to thirsty residents of Milwaukie and Oak Grove who enjoy good,…

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MHS Cracks down on Truancy

The Milwaukie Truancy Court Program was first discussed at the April 6, 2010, City Council work session when North Clackamas School District #12 officials, Milwaukie High School Principal Pinder, Municipal Court Judge Gray, and Police…

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How our City helps Support our Schools

Many aren’t aware of the fact that the City of Milwaukie has been making an effort to help our local schools. We believe that as a city it is important to support the families and…

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Milwaukie Second City to adopt LED lights in Oregon

Milwaukie is quickly (or slowly depending on who you ask) becoming a leader in progressive city practices, stepping even ahead Portland in some instances. (Although the Riverfront project has been a long time in the…

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Revolve vintage is a 3000 sq/ft industrial warehouse filled with mid-century furnishings alongside the railroad tracks in downtown Milwaukie, Oregon. Revolve Vintage 11153 Southeast 21st Milwaukie, OR 97222

The Gameroom

The Gameroom

The GameRoom is a social gaming cafe specializing in board, console, and card based entertainment. Leagues, Tournaments, and Co Op play daily. The GameRoom is a social gaming cafe specializing in board, console, and card…

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woodpecker pizza

Woodpecker Pizza

WoodPecker’s Pizza & Sports is excited to announce our new opening in the beautiful New Downtown Milwaukie. Great Pizza, Drink, Greens and Wings. Opening February 2014. Great dough rolled daily, in-house tomato sauce and hot…


3-Creeks Bike Milwaukie Ride

SAVE 3 CREEKS (Facebook page: ) It’s Greg from Straw Bale Films and Bike Milwaukie – I hope you are well. Our film ‘Lonely Tree’ along with countless others helped shelve the Sunnybrook West Blvd. Extension through…

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Oak Grove Community Council

For other Oak Grove updates feel free to peruse and CITIZENS INFORMED and AWARE (CIA)  METRO BALLOT MEASURE PLUS SPECIAL DISTRICTS – CANDIDATES FORUM: WATER, SANITARY, FIRE, SCHOOL, CCC CIA Discussion starts at 7:00 pm on…

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SS-Brewing-header copy

Local brew comes to downtown Milwaukie

When was the last time a Milwaukie brewer had a locally brewed beer on tap in downtown Milwaukie for the legal-age public to enjoy? Maybe at one point during its history, but definitely not in…

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Planning Your Veggie Garden

Spring is in the air and you may be thinking about planting your veggie garden. What you need when you are getting ready is to choose the placement of your vegetable garden. 1) You will…