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Milwaukie Mayor Ferguson head to China for Eco Summit on his own dime:: 19 2014YAY! RT @PDXbikecommuter: @MilwaukieRules This should be a lot of fun! 19 2014New on the front page: Milwaukie Veterinary Cancer & Surgery Specialists Grand Opening:: 19 2014With the Mayor of Milwaukie MCing & Gustav from 94.7 refereeing what could possibly go wrong? #FirstFridayMilwaukieApril 18 2014New on the front page: Rollin on the River Bike ride! 18 2014New on the front page: Carson Footwear #MilwaukiePeople 18 2014“We are going to change the way you buy shoes.We help you perform during the day so you can perform at night.”Carson 18 2014Weekends Rule! - 18 2014RT@MixNMatchCream:First Friday #Milwaukie kicks off w teachers arm wrestling to raise money for N.Clackamas Education! 18 2014RT @clackamasreview: Yard to Table event fun, family friendly: Greg Baartz-Bowman loves living in Milwaukie, 18 2014RT @MixNMatchCream: Come by & introduce yourself! Our current hours are 7am-8pm. Based on demand, we might have extended summer hours!April 17 2014Rollin on the River Bike ride! @bta @BrainstormGear @BikePortland @pdxbikecommuter @velocult @PoMoMagazineApril 17 2014@mixnmatchcreamery! 17 2014I want to come now - what are your hours? Meet your neighbors: @MixNMatchCream Creamery 17 2014RT @ClackCoReporter: Also one in Milwaukie MT @wweek: The last two drugstore soda fountains in Portland,both on Sandy. 17 2014
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Milwaukie Mayor Jeremy Ferguson heads to China for Eco Summit

Milwaukie has an opportunity to partner with a city in China to share resources (remotely) to help each community in their Eco Friendly planning and growth. As it turns out, there are 8 Chinese cities…

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Milwaukie Veterinary Cancer & Surgery Specialists

Taken from The Portland Tribune Veterinary Cancer & Surgery Specialists will be the only clinic providing surgery and oncology for dogs and cats under one roof in the state. Some of their current clients drive…

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Carson Footwear

CARSON: BUY A SHOE TO LAST “We are going to change the way you buy shoes. We help you perform during the day so you can perform at night. ” Everett Carson Some people run…

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Milwaukie Rules!

When one thinks of Milwaukie they usually think of clubbed knee capped international scandals and river rats. I am here to tell you that Milwaukie is far more interesting than the blink of an eye downtown…

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Rollin on the river


At 11am the first Sunday of June-September bike riders from all around will meet in downtown Portland to embark on a bike ride through the Eastbank esplanade, onto the Springwater Trail, landing at The Milwaukie…

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Milwaukie District Map

If you like what you see on Milwaukie Rules!, please consider becoming our Facebook Fan, subscribing to our newsletter, following us on Twitter and/or linking to us from your website or blog. We need your…

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Taproom coming to Ochoco in May

Though not quite in Milwaukie, Neighbor Dudes, the new taphouse opening in early May down the street from the Goodwill Bins, still should warrant joy to thirsty residents of Milwaukie and Oak Grove who enjoy good,…

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MHS Cracks down on Truancy

The Milwaukie Truancy Court Program was first discussed at the April 6, 2010, City Council work session when North Clackamas School District #12 officials, Milwaukie High School Principal Pinder, Municipal Court Judge Gray, and Police…

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How our City helps Support our Schools

Many aren’t aware of the fact that the City of Milwaukie has been making an effort to help our local schools. We believe that as a city it is important to support the families and…

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Milwaukie Second City to adopt LED lights in Oregon

Milwaukie is quickly (or slowly depending on who you ask) becoming a leader in progressive city practices, stepping even ahead Portland in some instances. (Although the Riverfront project has been a long time in the…

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Revolve vintage is a 3000 sq/ft industrial warehouse filled with mid-century furnishings alongside the railroad tracks in downtown Milwaukie, Oregon. Revolve Vintage 11153 Southeast 21st Milwaukie, OR 97222